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On the profile screen you can see your gaming statistics and you can also manage your transactions.

Also here you can withdraw your money through PayPal

Here is your profile picture. Tap here if you want to change it.
Your stats.
You can Deposit to your Gamerpro account.
Tap to Withdraw your money through PayPal.
History: You can see all of your transactions, purchases and winnings.


Add fund to your balance through PayPal

Add fund to your Gamerpro account.


You can withdraw your money anytime through PayPal

No worries, your transaction will be paid in 3 days!

Withdraw your money anytime. Please put your PayPal email address and your mobile number.


All of your transactions: Top up, Withdraw, Repayment, Purchase, Prize

Use the filter to see your prizes, withdrawals, top-ups, etc…
This is your list what includes all of your transactions


Set up your notifications’ settings according to your interests so you will not miss any matches.

You can see the name of the games.
You can turn on-off the notifications by Tournaments

Is it easy, right?

We are working hard to give you the best experience. You need to do the only thing that you love…

…earn money by gaming!

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