Your Gamer Card

You must add your “in-game name” and game specified GamerID / Invite Link

Match History: you can see your closed and pending matches.
Filter Panel: You can see here your active Tournament. If you tap on it, you can switch between your Tournaments.
Gamer Card: before your game, you must add your “in-game name” and GamerID / Invite Link / Email.
Type your Nickname with your” in-game name”.
Paste your Invite Link or type your unique GamerID here.
Tap here to start once your Gamer Card is filled.

Opponent’s Gamer Card

Here you can accept your opponent.

There is a time limit to accept your opponent. Don’t forget that!
Opponent’s Gamer Card: Here you can find your opponent’s “in-game name” and GamerID.
Tap on ‘Next’ to check out your opponent

Match Card

It’s time to play. Each game has a time limit.

Tap on ‘Play’ to start your match with your opponent. After the game, you have to upload your result. If you tap on ‘I Win’ you must upload the winner screen with visible names.
Here you can see your opponent’s nickname and gamer ID. You can copy your opponent’s GamerID and paste it to the game what you want to play.

You must upload your winner screenshot of the match and tap on ‘I Win’ or ‘I Lose’

After you tap on I win, you must upload the screen result with visible names (your nickname and your opponent’s nickname) and visible result.

Here you can see your Gamerpro balance card. You can Withdraw your money anytime. 

Here you can see your Gamerpro balance card. You can Withdraw your money anytime. To play more simply swipe down your balance card.

IMPORTANT: If your opponent uploads a wrong result you have to reject it. Please report the game and upload your proof!

If your opponent uploads the result screen first, you can accept or reject it. On this case, if the result is wrong, you must reject it and upload your proof.

Is it easy, right?

We are working hard to give you the best experience. You need to do the only thing that you love…

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